Vision Song Contest
Genre Song contest
Created by Iván
Presented by Various
Country of origin Flag of Spain.svg Spain
Original language(s) English
Hosted by
VSC Team Iván Flag of Spain.svg @ivo_esc

Shpati Flag of Kosovo.svg @esc_albania
Felix Flag of Germany.svg @songcontest_germany
Eva Flag of the Netherlands.svg
Vins Flag of the Netherlands.svg @eurovisionnews

Location(s) Various
Running time About two months
Original run February 2016 – present
Edition(s) 8 (so far)
Participation and Voting
By DM to @visioncontest
Related shows Junior Vision Song Contest
Winners Edition
External links
Official Instagram
Official Website
Vision in numbers
Edition(s) 7 full editions
1 special (Being Hosted)
Countries participation 107 so far
Songs performed 458 so far

The Vision Song Contest, also known as VSC, Vision SC or Vision Contest, is a song contest hosted on Instagram held among the members of the Vision Contest Broadcasting Union since February 2016 inspired by Eurovision Song Contest.

Each country's Delegation (Delegations are formed by one Head of Delegation and sometimes a CoHead of Delegation) gets to select an entry for each edition either by internal selection or national selection. Then the countries get to vote for each show (semi-final or final) to determine the qualifiers and the winner of the edition.

So far, eight different countries have won the competition and therefore hosted the contest. Apart from Spain, who hosted due to being the organizer of the contest, Faroe Islands, Australia, Sweden, Kosovo, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Greece have all been winners and hosts of the contest; being Faroe Islands the first debutant nation to win and Sweden the country with the most wins, winning the contest three times. The latest winner is Greece, who won with the song "Pio Dynata", performed by Eleni Foureira, who also won the Winners Edition. In the seventh edition Sweden won with the most amount of 266 points,


The first ever Vision Song Contest started on February 2016 when Iván Mascuñán decided to open an international music contest only for Instagram users.

The first ever Vision Song Contest started on 17th February 2016. It was held in the capital city of Spain, Madrid. Faroe Islands was the first ever region to win the contest and Australia was the first country. The winner is traditionally set to be the host of the following edition. 35 nations were taking part in VSC#1 with 35 diferent songs; giving 12 points to their favourite, 10 points to their second favourite and then 8 points to 1 point for the rest; due Semifinals and the Final. Faroe Islands was the first ever country to win the contest.



Participation & VotingEdit

  • Everyone with an Instagram account can join! However if you are caught cheating, you will be banned from the contest permanently. There are NO second chances.
  • The artist(s) must be from/have some relation to the country you take.
    • For Example: Roots, Family or born in this country
  • The song you're choosing must have been released after 1st January 2013.
  • Covers are not allowed and Eurovision winner songs are not allowed. Eurovision and National Final's songs are allowed to participate.
  • An artist cannot enter the same edition twice. For example; Rihanna would not be allowed to represent the USA and Barbados with two different songs (there are some exceptions life fearurings).
  • Voting is in Eurovision style. 1-8, 10 and 12 points!
  • If you do not vote, you may be disqualified. Contest disqualification works like this: If you fail to vote in your semi you'll get a 25%, on finals it's 50%. If you % completes the 100% you will be forced to withdraw from the contest.


  • The highest number of participants is currently 55 countries / nations.
  • Each Semi Finals will have at most 25 countries.
  • One Grand Final of 26 Countries (Big 5 + 10 qualified countries from the semi-finals + 1 Wildcard country).
  • The Big 5 will be automatic qualified for the Final and consits of the Host-Country, Logo Designer & the VSC Team.

Special Regions can Participate in the contestEdit


Since the first edition slogans were used for the contest. In each edition, the host broadcaster and the VSC TEAM was in charge to decide the slogan of the edition and based on it, develop the contest's theme and visual design.

Edn. Host city Slogan
1 Spain Madrid "Vision"
2 Faroes Tórshavn "Discovering the abstract"
3 200px-Flag of Australia.svg Melbourne "Shining"
4 Sweden Malmö "Feeling the energy"
5 Kosovo Prishtina "Let's unite together"
6 Sweden Gothenburg "Make it happen"
7 Germany Bielefield "Explode"
8 Sweden Stockholm "Burning Passion"
9 UK London "The power is yours"
10 Poland Warsaw "Natural Spirit"
11 Greece Athens "#Emerge!"

The "Big 1", "Big 5", "Big 6" & "Big 7"Edit

Vsc automatic qualified

Map showing all Vision "BIG" members in color scale.

The "Big 1" was used only once, being Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg Faroe Islands in the second edition the unique Automatic Qualified.

The first and only edition with a "Big 6" was the  third edition, being Flag of Guernsey.svg (1) Guernsey, Flag of San Marino.svg San Marino, Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic, Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria, 200px-Flag of Australia.svg Australia and Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom.

"Big 7" has been used only once in the contest, a "Big 6" was created at the beginning of the fourth edition and because a technical problem Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico joined the new "Big 7".

Since the fourth edition the contest has had the "Big 5" and will keep it so far.


Edn. Country making its debut
#1 Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia, Flag of Italy.svg Italy, 20px-Flag of Austria.svg Austria, Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania, Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine, Flag of South Korea.svg South Korea, Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium, Flag of Russia.svg Russia, Flag of Germany.svg Germany, Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg China, 20px-Flag of Bahrain.svg Bahrain, Flag of Greece.svg Greece, Flag of Norway.svg Norway, Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg Faroe Islands, Flag of Trinidad and Tobago.svg Trinidad and Tobago, Flag of Serbia.svg Serbia, Flag of Poland.svg Poland, Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland, Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey, Flag of Jamaica.svg Jamaica, Flag of the Netherlands.svg The Netherlads, 200px-Flag of Australia.svg Australia, Flag of Israel.svg Israel, Flag of Albania.svg Albania, Flag of Finland.svg Finland, Flag of Åland.svg Åland Islands, Flag of Spain.svg Spain, Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark, Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom,Flag of the United States.svg United States, Flag of France.svg France, Flag of Belarus.svg Belarus, Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden, Flag of Macedonia.svg FYR Macedonia, Gotlands län vapenflagga.svg Gotland
#2 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Bos & Herz, Flag of the United States Virgin Islands.svg US Virgin Islands, Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg Kyrgyzstan, Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria, 20px-Flag of Montenegro.svg Montenegro, Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia, Flag of San Marino.svg San Marino, Flag of Latvia.svg Latvia, Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic, Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia, Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa, Flag of Malta.svg Malta, Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico, Flag of Puerto Rico.svg Puerto Rico, Flag of Iceland.svg Iceland, Flag of Gibraltar.svg Gibraltar, Flag of Senegal.svg Senegal, Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia, 20px-Flag of Greenland.svg Greenland, Flag of Georgia.svg Georgia, Flag of the Isle of Man.svg Isle of man, Flag of Romania.svg Romania, Flag of Palestine.svg Palestine, Flag of the Vatican City.svg Vatican City, 20px-Flag of Barbados.svg Barbados, Flag of Indonesia.svg Indonesia
#3 Flag of Cyprus.svg Cyprus, Flag of Norfolk Island.svg Norfolk Island, Flag of Guernsey.svg (1) Guernsey, Flag of the Philippines.svg Philippines, Flag of Japan.svg Japan, 20px-Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia, 20px-Flag of French Guiana.svg French Guiana, Canary Islands Canary Islands, Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg Democratic Congo, Flag of Morocco.svg Morocco, Flag of Jersey.svg Jersey, 20px-Flag of Switzerland (Pantone).svg Switzerland, Flag of Guam.svg Guam, 20px-Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxemburg, Flag of Tanzania.svg Tanzania
#4 Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Kazakhstan, Flag of Taiwan.svg Taiwan, Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal, 20px-Flag of Liechtenstein.svg Liechtenstein, Flag of Andorra.svg Andorra, Flag of Zimbabwe.svg Zimbabwe, Flag of Iran.svg Iran, Flag of India.svg India, Flag of Ethiopia.svg Ethiopia
#5 Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary, Flag of Jordan.svg Jordan, Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil, Flag of Armenia.svg Armenia
#6 Flag of Hong Kong.svg Hong Kong, Flag of Lebanon.svg Lebanon
#7 Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina
#8 Flag of Fiji.svg Fiji, Flag of Ghana.svg Ghana, Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand