Logo of the Vision Broadcasting Union used since December 2016

The Vision Broadcasting Union, often referred as VBU is a union of broadcasters from so far fifty-five active different countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, North & South America and the Caucasus Area with its headquarters located in TBA.

Every Country will be automatic member of this Union when it take part for the frist time in VSC. The Union have XX active countries participating.


The Vision Broadcasting Union was formed the 20th December 2016 by the French & Australian broadcaster. The union has XX members at the moment, but not all of them is active participating at the Contest.


Color key
     Council member
     Current host
Country Member Station HoD CHoD
Flag of Albania.svg Albania @aristoklistarve
200px-Flag of Australia.svg Australia Aussie TV @australia_esc @eurovision_australia
20px-Flag of Austria.svg Austria @ancosr5
Flag of Azerbaijan.svg Azerbaijan @hwanmamyoui
20px-Flag of Austria.svg Austria @ancosr5
20px-Flag of Barbados.svg Barbados @jojoeurovision
Flag of Belarus.svg Belarus @polinagagarina_germany
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium @eurovisionmoments
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Bos & Herz @daily.esc.spam
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria
Flag of Canada.svg Canada @escxsammy
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg China @mirco_esc
Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia @aleexx_perez
Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia @esc.georgia
Flag of Cyprus.svg Cyprus @studentboyz
Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark DK @songcontest_germany @escpelayo
Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia @mrsjemsginoble
Flag of Fiji.svg Fiji @escmark
Flag of Finland.svg Finland @itsxulysaurio_
Flag of France.svg France FT1 @esc_albania @la.vie.en.musique
Flag of Georgia.svg Georgia @sebastianbarnes12
Flag of Germany.svg Germany @esc_spain_lover
Flag of Ghana.svg Ghana @giannis_pps
Flag of Greece.svg Greece ERT @greeceeurovision
Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary @eurovision_spain
Flag of Iceland.svg Iceland ÍÚ / ÍÚ2 @esc_rhys
Flag of India.svg India @ursula.bratz
Flag of Indonesia.svg Indonesia @richardyudistira
Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland RTÉ @escgmc
Flag of Israel.svg Israel @funnybgals
Flag of Italy.svg Italy @hello_filippo
Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Kazakhstan Gakku TV @esc.san @kasakhstan
Flag of Kosovo.svg Kosovo @melodyloveu
Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg Kyrgyzstan @football_dude_usa
Flag of Jamaica.svg Jamaica @esc_eire
Flag of Japan.svg Japan @hectzwei
Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania
Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico @eurovsion
Template:The Netherlands @germany_esc
Flag of Norway.svg Norway @cristina__esc
Flag of Poland.svg Poland @esc_pl
Flag of Romania.svg Romania TVR @jorfersal
Flag of Serbia.svg Serbia @escsuede
Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia @mirnahorselover
20px-Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia
Flag of South Korea.svg South Korea @esckorea
Flag of Spain.svg Spain TVE @spain_eurovision
Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden @eurovisionnews
20px-Flag of Switzerland (Pantone).svg Switzerland @jaavii_22
Flag of Taiwan.svg Taiwan @youthfullyvintage
Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand @jloves_esc
Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine EuroMusic B. @euromusic529
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom @esc_nl
Flag of the United States.svg United States