Junior Vision Song Contest 4
Feal The Beat
JVSC General Logo
Final date 23 April 2017
Venue Sydney Super Dome, Sydney
Presenter(s) Dami Im
Delta Goodrem
Broadcaster ABC
Entries 21
Debuting Flag of Poland.svg Poland
Flag of Taiwan.svg Taiwan
Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey
Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina
Flag of Macedonia.svg FYR Macedonia
Returning Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal
Withdrawing Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia
Flag of Italy.svg Italy
Flag of Serbia.svg Serbia
Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand
Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia
Flag of Ghana.svg Ghana
System Each country and the televote awards 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs.
Winner Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania
"Let U Go"
Junior Vision Song Contest
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The Junior Vision Song Contest 4 was the fourth annual Junior Vision Song Contest, which took place at the Sydney Super Dome, in Sydney, Australia, following their victory in the third edition. The Australian national broadcaster ABC was the host broadcaster for the event. The final took place on 23 April 2017.

A total of 21 countries participated, with Poland, Taiwan, Turkey, Argentina and F.Y.R. Macedonia making their debuts. Portugal returned after being absent since the first edition, respectively. Slovakia, Italy, Serbia, Thailand, Croatia and Ghana withdrew from the contest.

The winner of the contest was Paula Valentaitė, who represented Lithuania with the song "Let u go". Bulgaria and Kazakhstan finished in second and third place, respectively. Lithuania's 154-point victory achieved the highest amount of points received by any entry in the history of the contest, beating Australia's record of 120 points set during the third edition. Bulgaria won the Jury voting with Lithuania in second place, and Ukraine in third place. Kazakhstan won the televoting with the United Kingdom in second place, and Lithuania in third place.

Location Edit


Sydney Super Dome, in Sydney. Venue for Junior Vision Song Contest 4.

Following Australia's win at the Junior Vision Song Contest 3, the Australian broadcaster ABC confirmed to host the fourth edition. It was the second time that the nation organized a Vision event, after hosting the Vision Song Contest 3 in Melbourne. ABC confirmed that Sydney would be the host city, with the Sydney Super Dome being the host venue.

Format Edit

For the first time in the history of the contest, the televote was introduced. The televote consisted of nine delegations, were required to rank every song. The televote results were announced after the Jury votes. The results of the countries finishing between 6th and 21th in the public vote were automatically added to the scoreboard, with only the results of the top five countries being announced by the hosts.

Participating Countries Edit

On 1 March 2017, it was confirmed that 21 countries would take part in the contest. Poland, Taiwan, Turkey, Argentina, F.Y.R. Macedonia made their debut and Portugal returned after a two-edition absence. Slovakia, Italy, Serbia, Thailand, Croatia and Ghana withdrew. 21 countries participated in the contest.

Returning Artists Edit

Emma Bale returned after previously representing Belgium in the third edition, finishing second.

Results Edit

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Kazakhstan Ninety One "Kalai Karajysh" 3 148
02 Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal Filipa Ferreira "Charmar A Musicia" 15 63
03 Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland Sean O Sea "Cold Water" 12 72
04 Flag of Japan.svg Japan BabyMetal "Gimme Chocolate" 7 99
05 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom Olivia Garcia "Freedom Hearts" 4 137
06 Flag of Germany.svg Germany Anne "Price Tag" 13 65
07 Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium Emma Bale "All I Want" 9 94
08 Flag of Poland.svg Poland Weronika "Mozesz Zatrzymac" 8 96
09 Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary Alex Veczli "Hit Rewind" 19 46
10 Flag of France.svg France Romane, Josianne and Lynn "Ou Je Vais" 17 52
11 Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine Open Kids "Kruche Vse" 5 105
12 200px-Flag of Australia.svg Australia Phoebe Barnett "In The Name Of Love" 10 90
13 Flag of Taiwan.svg Taiwan Twice "Knock Knock" 6 103
14 Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey Aurora Kapo "Yildislarla Dans" 20 33
15 Flag of Greece.svg Greece Charis Savva "Chandelier" 11 82
16 Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania Paula "Let U Go" 1 154
17 Flag of Kosovo.svg Kosovo Endri "Ikim" 16 62
18 Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina Karol Sevila "Alas" 18 49
19 Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria Kristian Kostov "Ne Si Za Men" 2 153
20 Flag of Macedonia.svg FYR Macedonia Anja Veterova "In Your Dreams" 21 33
21 Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden Bella & Filippa "Crucified" 14 64

Split ResultsEdit

Split Results
Jury Results Televote Results
Place Country Points Place Country
1 Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria 117 Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Kazakhstan 67
2 Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania 102 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom 53
3 Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine 85 Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania 52
4 Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Kazakhstan 81 Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium 38
5 Flag of Taiwan.svg Taiwan 77 Flag of Japan.svg Japan 37
6 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom 74 Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland 35
7 Flag of Poland.svg Poland 72 Flag of Germany.svg Germany 32
8 Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium 65 200px-Flag of Australia.svg Australia 31
9 Flag of Japan.svg Japan 62 Flag of Greece.svg Greece 30
10 200px-Flag of Australia.svg Australia 59 Flag of France.svg France 28
11 Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden 55 Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria 26
12 Flag of Kosovo.svg Kosovo 54 Flag of Taiwan.svg Taiwan 26
13 Flag of Greece.svg Greece 52 Flag of Poland.svg Poland 24
14 Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal 39 Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal 24
15 Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland 37 Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine 20
16 Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina 36 Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary 14
17 Flag of Germany.svg Germany 33 Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina 13
18 Flag of Macedonia.svg FYR Macedonia 33 Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden 9
19 Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary 32 Flag of Kosovo.svg Kosovo 8
20 Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey 29 Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey 4
21 Flag of France.svg France 24 Flag of Macedonia.svg FYR Macedonia 0

12 points Edit

No. Contestant Nation(s) giving 12 points
3 Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria Taiwan, Lithuania, FYR Macedonia
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium Hungary Ukraine Sweden
2 Flag of Japan.svg Japan Kazakhstan, Germany
Flag of Taiwan.svg Taiwan Australia, Turkey
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom Japan, Argentina
1 Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine Portugal
Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden Ireland
Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland United Kingdom
Flag of Kosovo.svg Kosovo Belgium
Flag of Greece.svg Greece Poland
Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal France
200px-Flag of Australia.svg Australia Greece
Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania Kosovo
Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary Bulgaria

Spokespersons Edit

The order in which each country announced their votes was in the order of performance. The spokespersons are shown below alongside each participating country.

Voting and spokespersons Edit

Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Kazakhstan - Zhana Dugalova (Kazakh representative at VSC8)

Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal - David Carreria

Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland - Graham Norton

Flag of Japan.svg Japan - Namie

Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom - Louisa Johnson (British representative at VSC6, together with Clean Bandit)

Flag of Germany.svg Germany - Lena (German representative at VSC5 and VSC6)

Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium - K3 (Belgian representative at VSC3, VSC6 and VSC10)

Flag of Poland.svg Poland - Sarsa (Polish representative at VSC6 and VSC9)

Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary - Papai Joci

Flag of France.svg France - Indila (French representative at VSC5)

200px-Flag of Australia.svg Australia - Delta Goodrem

Flag of Taiwan.svg Taiwan - Amber

Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey - Gülsen

Flag of Greece.svg Greece - Demy

Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine - Tayanna

Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania - Lolita Zero

Flag of Kosovo.svg Kosovo - Dua Lipa (Albanian representative at VSC1, Kosovar representative at VSC4, VSC5, VSC7, Dutch representative at VSC 9, together with Martin Garrix and Jamaican representative at VSC10, together with Sean Paul)

Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina - Lionel Messi

Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria - DARA (Bulgarian representative at VSC9)

Flag of Macedonia.svg FYR Macedonia - Jana Burčeska

Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden - Loreen (Morrocan representative at VSC3 and VSC4